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Badge Embedments

CRYSTAL-LIKE PLASTICS & FABRICATION LLC, is designed exclusively for Police, Fire Sheriff, Highway Patrol, State Police, FBI, INS, Treasury, DHS Department Of Homeland Security, Paramedics and other Civil Service Industries. A classic custom embedment that honors your contribution to public service in your community.

Police Badge & i.d. embedments

All Acrylic & Lucite Police Badge Embedments Can Be Designed With Several Custom Options To Choose From.
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Dhs department of Homeland Security Badge & i.d. embedments

All Acrylic & Lucite DHS Badge Embedments Can Be Designed With Several Custom Options To Choose From.
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Sheriff department Badge & i.d. embedments

All Acrylic & Lucite Sheriff's Department Badge Embedments Can Be Designed With Several Custom Options To Choose From.
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Fire Department Badge & i.d. Embedments

All Acrylic & Lucite Fire Department Badge Embedments Can Be Designed With Several Custom Options To Choose From.
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Custom Crystal Badge embedments

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About us:

Crystal-Like Plastics
& Fabrication LLC.

As the Oldest Embedment Company in the United States, we offer over 71 years of Expertise applied to all it’s castings.  Crystal-like Products specializes in handcrafted unique and one-of-a-kind custom pieces.

The process of suspending an item in a solid block of Lucite or Acrylic Plastic.

Lucite is a high quality, trademarked version of acrylic resin developed by DuPont in 1937.


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Badge embedments

Police, Fireman, DHS & more…

Acrylic Awards

MasterChef, Jack Webb & more…


More years of
experience in acrylic badge embedments than anyone.

Custom Crystal Badge embedments

A Must Have for All Officers

Every object reacts differently when embedded in Lucite as every item has its own unique properties that can affect the outcome of a finished embedment. Because of this, it is important to select a company that can offer the essential experience necessary to cast that special custom piece or those large scale production jobs.

Badge embedment REQUESTS
Acrylic awards Requests
01. More Lucite Embedments than anyone in the field.
02. 7-10 day service as a standard Plus Shipping time
03. Overnight Embedment service available
customize your badge embedments:

Custom Shapes and Badge Layout Embedments available in Acrylic & Lucite.



Andrew Morris

I had a badge done over 20 years ago in my area. I recently needed my 2nd badge done but wanted to make sure it looked as close to my first. Sent them my badges and was really happy with the final product.

Andrew Morris

Natalie Jones

They were able to match my most recent with my badge from 20 years ago. They even re-polished it as well. The pricing, even with shipping was over $100 less than in my area. I will be sending them my 3rd and final badge when the time comes.

Natalie Jones

Community Coordinator
S. Barnes

Thank you to Mike and the team at Crystal-Like Plastics for executing a flawless design and production. Will be coming back for more projects.

S. Barnes

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Quality and Delivery Makes the Difference

Crystal-Like Plastics & Fabrication LLC

Our Sr. Lab consultant, Robert Gayler, adds his 55 years of expertise to each project  and  personally taught all of the company’s employees in the techniques used to create the best  acrylic embedments and fabrication possible.  He was taught the process from the “Father of Embedments”, Larry Gayler, the founder and inventor of the current embedment technique used by his company ever since 1949. 

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Custom Embedments